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Image by Jefferson Hawkins, originally posted on Mike Rinder's Blog.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Please read these Frequently Asked Questions if you have any questions regarding this site or its author. Also included are some debates with Scientologists.
  • Leaving Scientology Resource Guide
    Leaving Scientology may be the most important decision of your life.
  • What Is Scientology? FOR THE PRESS
  • Church of Scientology (from Wikipedia)
  • 平行加速器app下载 "I was born. I grew up. I escaped."
  • Baloney Detection Kit
  • Some Copyright Considerations
  • The XENU Leaflet Consider using this leaflet against CoS. Available in several languages.





  • RIP Arnie Lerma NEW!
    In a tragic turn of event Arnie, the writer, ativist and well known critic of Scientology, ended his life March 16 2018. Read his work and work here.
  • The Underground Bunker - for the most updated news!
    Former Village Voice editor Tony Ortega has written about Scientology since 1995. An enormous and updated resource related to the Cult of Scientology.
  • The Scientology Money Project
    The goal of The Scientology Money Project is to demand total financial transparency from the Church of Scientology. To this end, all possible publicly available financial and legal documents will be compiled.
  • VIDEO: "The Shrinking Cult of Scientology"
    Video with many famouse former Scientologists, by Tiziano Lugli.
  • "Super Power, or What I Can Recall of It"
    This is a personal recollections having been involved with the original piloting of Super Power by Dan Koon. As part of the LRH Technical Research and Compilations Unit, he was involved in the project to compile the rundown. Rendered images of how the Super Power Building is supposed to look like here .
  • NEW BOOK: Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape
    Jenna Miscavige Hill the niece of Scientology leader David Miscavige, fled from the church and has written a tell-all about her experiences. Read article in New York Post "Scientology's worst enemy"
  • The Hole
    The Hole is a facility reportedly operated by the Church of Scientology in Riverside County, California in which dozens of its senior executives have been "imprisoned" for months or years.
  • Why are some pages on xenu.net not indexed on Google?
    Did you know that Google is still being forced to censor Operation Clambake? See reason here.
  • Church of Scientology in Norway is insolvent
    According to global financial analyst company Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) the Church of Scientology in Norway is in 2012 innsolvent. No cedit should be given and the "church" has a lot of outstanding debt that has gone to forced debt collection.
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  • FILM IN PRODUCTION: Knowledge Report
    This personal essay about Scientology will peel away the layers surrounding the mysterious organization founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.
  • Mike Rinder Speaks Out - Part 1 & Part 2
    Mike Rinder talks publicly for the first time after he came out of the Church of Scientology. Broadcasted July 22 2010 on Channel Seven's Today Tonight programme
  • 平行加速器app下载
    Anonymous has managed to arrange the the largest pickets against the cult ever.
  • Looking over my shoulder, The Inside Account of the Story That Almost Killed Me
    You may not believe this, but you can write something that someone doesn't approve of and then - with the help of the government - be bankrupted and have a quarter of your life almost ruined. And you don't have to live in China or Russia.
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Operation Clambake Keepsakes

  • ins平行加速器下载 (from Wikipedia)
    Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (March 13, 1911 - January 24, 1986), better known as L. Ron Hubbard, was a prolific American author and founder of Dianetics and the controversial Church of Scientology.
  • Inside The Church of Scientology: An Exclusive Interview with L. Ron Hubbard, Jr.
    L. Ron Hubbard Jr being interviewed by Penthouse in 1983. Cover story.
  • The death of L Ron Hubbard
    In light of CoS's very strong opposition to "psych drugs", it is ironic that its founder was taking a "psych drug" when he died.
  • Bare-Faced Messiah 平行加速器安卓下载
    The true story of L. Ron Hubbard.
  • The Hubbard is Bare ins平行加速器下载
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  • The H Files
    Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act we now have access to over 600 files the FBI has on L. Ron Hubbard.
  • Hubbard And Clearwater
    Secret telexes from Hubbard to FSO in Clearwater. "The top tech org on the planet" was actually a mess per Hubbard's telexes.
  • Ron the "War Hero"
    Inside the cult, L. Ron Hubbard is attributed with a fantastic past and incredible insight. However, most of these claims originate from L. Ron Hubbard and are only verified by L. Ron Hubbard himself. This is a closer look at his claims of being a war hero.


  • David Miscavige (from Wikipedia)
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  • Who is David Miscavige?
  • David Miscavige Bio
  • The man behind Scientology (1998)
  • 平行加速器安卓下载 (2010)
    Former executives of the CoS, including two of the former top lieutenants to Miscavige, have come forward to describe a culture of intimidation and violence under David Miscavige.



  • A World Without...
    Welcome to the 21st Century! Join the author of this essay for a rocket ride around the world to see if Scientology is achieving its aim of a "world without war, crime and insanity," and what it would be like if it did. Welcome aboard and fasten your seatbelts!
  • The Secret Library
    View the inner most secret scriptures of the Church of Scientology.
  • Xenu (from Wikipedia)
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  • 平行加速器安卓下载
    Important quotes from actual policy letters you should keep in mind. You might be thinking "Why does a church need to have such strict policies if it's not a military organization?" But then again, this is not your typical church.
  • Scientology Grade Chart
    This is the official way "up the bridge". Would you buy a bridge from these people?
  • The Techniques in Scientology 平行加速器安卓下载
    Jon Atack explaining the basic techniques used in Scientology.
  • Altering the Tech
    【平行教育教室APP下载】平行教育教室手机版 - 雷达下载:2021-3-13 · 下载平行教育教室,立即拥有您自己专属的在线直播教室。 平行教育教室app是一款教育学习的应用软件,是个网上轻松教学平台,这款软件主要为老师、家长伍及孩子专业定制,使用平行教育教室app可轻松了解孩子学习情况,实时互动交流,支持报名、转班伍及调课等功能,简单方便实用!
  • Dianetic Therapy
    This paper is the only formal scientific study of Dianetic therapy in existence. Made by Harvey Jay Fischer in 1953.
  • The Cost Of Scientology 平行加速器app下载
    What does Scientology training and membership actually cost?
  • The Personality Test
    The very debated personality test, which is often an individual's first encounter with Scientology. Included are the "correct" answers.
  • The Scientology Comparative Theology Page
    A web site to promote the scholarly study of the religious beliefs of Scientology.
  • Scientology Acronym/Terminology FAQ
    You will soon find out that Hubbard used a strange language. This FAQ is to help you understand it better.



The Slatkin Fraud

Xenu Link Sleuth

  • Scientology Cult
    A page by a think tank of loyal Scientologists formed around the recognition that Scientology´s problems trace directly to the hidden corruption and criminality of David Miscavige, the self-appointed dictator who subverted Scientology.
  • The Sea Organization
    2accouts(双开助手)-2accouts(双开助手)App下载-- 234游戏中心:2021-6-11 · 《2accouts(双开助手)》APP下载,安卓版和苹果APP下载地址,简介: 2accouts(双开助手)是一款实用系统工具,是账号双开工具。此外2accouts(双开助手)不但拥有双开功能,还提供一键切换服务。
  • Narconon Exposed
    Drug rehab or Scientology front?
  • Scientology & Totalitarianism
    A very well argued and documented senior thesis looking at Scientology in terms of the totalitarian ideological model.
  • Scientology vs. Orwell's 1984
    A former Scientologist compares the disturbing parallels between the book "1984" by George Orwell and Scientology.
  • Scientology Audited FOR THE PRESS
    An archive of critical research into Scientology. A must read.
  • Cult of Celebrities
    How come so many celebrities are Scientologists?
  • Scientology's Secret Service
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  • 平行加速器app下载
    Read how cult members must accept extensive censoring for them to get "the freedom to access internet"!
  • How many Scientologists are there? FOR THE PRESS
    Some comments regarding the claims from CoS that they have 8 million members. Critics suspect there are about 50,000 Scientologists worldwide.
  • 平行加速器app下载
    Put some faces on the names inside CoS, see where the money goes and where it came from.
  • Made for Propaganda
    CoS compares Germany today with how the 3rd Reich treated Jews. Let us see how Scientology compares to Nazism.
  • Just like Hitler and Stalin
    An example of how CoS tries to edit history.
  • The Scientology Homepage
    Take a look at how COS presents itself. Read both sides, form your own opinion, then ask why Scientologists don't dare link to this page.



  • Suppressive Person Defense League
    For over half a century, Suppressive Persons have been beastified, attacked and menaced in perhaps the most vicious hate campaign ever manufactured by madness.
  • Enemy Names FOR THE PRESS
    Who are the enemies of Scientology, how are they identified and what does the Church of Scientology plan to do with them? Here are the secret policy letters telling everything!
  • Piercing the Corporate Veil
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  • Operation Foot Bullet
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  • Dead Agenting on the Net
    Scientologists have made a site called "Religious Freedom Watch" where they have Dead Agent packs on Scientology critics. See how Scientology responds to criticism.
  • Scientology vs. Germany ins平行加速器下载
    这个游戏要用加速器吗 | TapTap PaniPani -平行世界潘多拉 ...:2021-10-4 · PaniPani -平行世界潘多拉骑士- 这个游戏要用加速器吗 白黑蓮 2021-10-04 00:00:34 143 浏览 游戏时长 5小时6分钟 分享 这个游戏要用加速器吗 ...
  • ins平行加速器下载
    Scientology has been thrown out of Greece! Some of the secret communication inside the cult was discovered when the greek police raided their offices.


The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power

  • Scientology and the legal system (Wikipedia)
    According to a U.S. District Court Memorandum of Decision in 1993, Scientologists "have abused the federal court system by using it, inter alia, to destroy their opponents, rather than to resolve an actual dispute over trademark law or any other legal matter. This constitutes ´extraordinary, malicious, wanton, and oppressive conduct.´
  • Is Scientology breaking the law?
    This page provides links to reports alleging that Scientology is breaking the law.
  • Scientology Court Files
    A collection of court papers to help everybody involved in lawsuits against or from Scientology.
  • What Judges Say About Scientology
    Quotes from judges and others about Scientology.



  • Xenu TV
    Lots of videoed personal testimonies and events. A must see!
  • Niece of David Miscavige speaks out (Inside Edition)
    Video of Jenna Hill, the niece of David Miscavige, speaks out against the cult.
  • Geir Isene's Doubt write-up
    平行者游戏加速器_平行者游戏加速器官方版下载 ...- 非凡软件站:2021-7-24 · 平行者游戏加速器 v9.0 最终版 平行者v9.0较终版是优质一款可试用的驱动级变速软... 详情>> 星空自由篮球辅助 v0925 星空自由篮球辅助是一款游戏《自由篮球》的辅助工... 详情>> 乐乐自由篮球辅助 v2596 自由篮球辅助工具可伍辅助玩家游戏,更快的升级。
  • The Jason Beghe Interview
    He is the first celebrity to leave Scientology and publicly discuss his involvement and then disillusionment with the group. He made it to OT V on Scientology's "Bridge to Total Freedom" and discovered the best way to get free was to get up and walk out the door.
  • ins平行加速器下载
    Marc Headley is a 15-year veteran of the CoS where he worked closely with leader David Miscavige and actor Tom Cruise. In this radio interview he reveals some of his amazing stories.
  • 平行加速器安卓下载
    Ex scientologists are accused of stupidity for being so gullible. Many think they are not gullible at all ordinarily, so how come they fell prey to this cult?
  • I Escaped Scientology
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  • Kyle Brennan
    A mothers tragic loss of her son while he visited his Scientology father.
  • The death of Lisa McPherson
    On December 5, 1995, Lisa McPherson was dead on arrival at a hospital 45 minutes north of Clearwater Florida.
  • Jeremy Perkins: A Scientology Family Tragedy
    On March 13, 2003, Jeremy Perkins, a 28 year old untreated schizophrenic, stabbed his mother Elli 77 times.
  • Ida Camburn's Promise
    Read the moving story from a mother of a Scientologist and her 25 year effort to keep her promise.
  • Thank you xenu.net!
    "SL" was about to fall for Scientology hook, line and sinker. Then he found Operation Clambake and started thinking. This is his letter of thanks.
  • ins平行加速器下载
    平行人app下载-平行人 v2.9.5 安卓版 - 量产资源网:2021-4-14 · 平行人app下载是由量产资源网收集于官网最新发布版本,平行人app是一款智能互联网连接的软件,通过互联网技术链接不同的人和智能设备,提供语音通话、语音提示服务,用户可伍使用软件设置闹钟、日期提醒,到时软件就会主动提醒用户,
  • Kathryn's Story
    A personal story on how CoS can mess you up.
  • The Cheryl S Story
    This is a true story from inside the cult from 1977 to 1991.
  • The Tech Runs its Course
    A commentary on the Lisa McPherson case.
  • Dear Amanda...
    Amanda is a bright, engaging girl of 15. She, her older brother, and her mother are members of CoS. This web page is a cry from her dad.
  • Comments from Scientologists
    LBE平行空间官网下载 | LBE平行空间官网下载软件 v1.0 ...:2021-4-6 · LBE平行空间官网下载软件是一款手机应用双开系统软件,轻松实现多款应用双开,例如:qq、微信、淘宝等,实现应用之间的轻松切换,功能强大,你还在等什么呢? LBE平行空间官网软件特色: 1、全新的界面,全新的世界,任你随意的翱翔; 2 ...


MSNBC Countdown 14.04.2006
Click image to watch interview.

  • 平行加速器app下载 FOR THE PRESS
    Any journalist who wants to investigate Scientology should read Robert Vaughn Young's Quill article. Young handled public relations and the media for L. Ron Hubbard and his Scientology empire for 20 years.
  • Hubbard's policy and practice in media and PR
    Master's Thesis: Case Study that looks at the world of press through the eyes of L.R. Hubbard.
  • The Fabulous Fifties
    Media coverage in the early, early years of Dianetics and Scientology
  • 平行加速器安卓下载 FOR THE PRESS
    A multimedia archive of the best TV and radio programs regarding Scientology.
  • The Cult Of Greed ins平行加速器下载
    The Time Magazine article from 1991 that really kicked things off.
  • Scientology vs the Internet
    Free speech & copyright infringement on the information superhighway by Jim Lippard and Jeff Jacobsen.



  • Counterfeit Dreams
    手机百度正式版软件下载-安卓版手机百度正式版app免费下载 ...:今天 · 《手机百度正式版》这款软件想必是人尽皆知的使用吧,什幺不会什幺不明白就可伍找百度,经过相关的查询并能找到你想要的答案,一起还有相似的问题供你参阅,让你不再疑问!手机百度正式版软件亮点特性新闻依据你的爱
  • My Billion Year Contract
    2accouts(双开助手)-2accouts(双开助手)App下载-- 234游戏中心:2021-6-11 · 《2accouts(双开助手)》APP下载,安卓版和苹果APP下载地址,简介: 2accouts(双开助手)是一款实用系统工具,是账号双开工具。此外2accouts(双开助手)不但拥有双开功能,还提供一键切换服务。
  • Scientology - Abuse at the Top FOR THE PRESS
    Amy Scobee tells the eye-opening account of her 27 years inside the Church from innocence at age 14 to her nightmarish experiences in the highest management body at Scientology's secret International Headquarters.
  • A Piece of Blue Sky FOR THE PRESS
    The book that the cult tried to remove from amazon.com, now available on the net!
  • The Scandal of Scientology FOR THE PRESS
    Paulette Cooper's book; she was victim of the worst Dead Agenting attacks by the Church of Scientology ever. At least the worst we are aware of today...
  • The Road to Xenu
    A narrative account of life in Scientology.
  • My Nine Lives in Scientology
    Personal account from the inside of the cult.
  • The Total Freedom Trap
    A highly-recommended book by Jon Atack.
  • BLOWN FOR GOOD - Behind the Iron Curtains of Scientology
    Marc Hedley's book where he reveals his experiences from 15 years at the International Headquarters of Scientology
  • Scientology Booklist FOR THE PRESS
    Lists most known books in English about Dianetics or Scientology.
  • Mind Control etc Booklist 平行加速器安卓下载
    Books on cults, mind control etc.



  • 平行加速器app下载
    Escape was formed in 1992 for the purpose of helping, advising, counselling families and friends who have loved ones involved in Scientology.
  • Resource Center for Freedom of Mind
    Get help from the famous cult expert, counselor and author Steven Hassan. Learn how you can help loved ones in cults by interacting.
  • AFF Cult Group Information
    Information about cults, cultic groups and psychological manipulation.



  • The Clam FAQ - why we talk about clams and clambake
  • South Park takes on Scientology - episode available online
  • Tom Cruise is Nuts - take a seat, enjoy the ride.
  • National Lampoon - Diarrhetics (1989)
  • The Orientation Film 2 and now 3 - two parody sequels of the Scientology film Orientation that the cult often show to newcomers
DISCLAIMER: I, Andreas Heldal-Lund, am alone responsible for Operation Clambake. I speak only my own personal opinions. Critics of the Church of Scientology (CoS), including Wikipedia which is NPOV, are free to use images and text on this site that are made by me if proper credits are given. Pick up the stick! A special thanks goes to all contributors, credits are placed where due except when authors have request anonymity. Dianetics and Scientology are trademarks of the Religious Technology Centre (RTC). These pages and their author are not connected with CoS or RTC, or any others organization residing under their corporate umbrella. Operation Clambake is registered as a non-profit organisation in Norway, state reg.no.: 982 983 126

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